50M56U-843 White Rodgers Universal Furnace Control Module Kit for Rheem Nordyne


50M56U-843 White Rodgers Universal Furnace Control Module Kit for Rheem Nordyne. Color-Coded (Labeled) Thermostat Connection For Quick Helpful Selection. Universal nitride ignitor kit 21D64-2. Universal Nitride Ignitor Kit 21D64-2. 50M56U-843 Kit Replaces Cover Label Displays Diagnostic Table. 50M56U-843 White Rodgers Universal Furnace Control Module Kit for Rheem Nordyne White Rodgers Furnace Control Board Kit 50M56U-843. 50M56U-843 Kit Replaces: Virtually All White-Rodgers and Competitive Single Stage Carbide and Nitride HSI Systems. Replaces All OEM Models 80 Volts or 120 Volts Ignitor Applications. Replaces More Models Than Honeywell S9200U1000. FEATURES 3 Fan Speeds cool, low heat & high heat speeds. Universal nitride ignitor kit 21D64-2. 9 quick-select/quick-connect wiring harnesses. Red LED diagnostic flash codes with stored fault recall. Low voltage fuse protection, 3A replaceable automotive type. Color-Coded (Labeled) Thermostat Connection For Quick Helpful Selection System Diagnostics, with Fault Recall (Stored) Cover Label Displays Diagnostic Table Humidifier & Electronic Air Cleaner Connections (Optional) Replaces: More OEM Boards Than Competitive Models Because 50M56U-843 Can Be Used on Both 80V and 120V Ignitor Applications Carrier HK42FZ004, HK42FZ007, HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009, HK42FZ011 and HK42FZ016. Fast-Install Kit includes everything you need for quick and accurate replacement: Ignition Control Module 50M56-843 12 Quick-Select/Quick-Connect Wiring Harnesses Universal Nitride Ignitor Kit 21D64-2 Installation Instructions and OEM Cross-Reference 50M56U-843 Replaces: Module Model # Harness Ignitor Furnace OEM, 50A50-210, Armstrong/Heil Quaker, 50A50-215 Clare Brothers-Canada, 50A50-216 F DMO Industries, 50A50-229 Coleman/Evcon/Luxaire/York, 50A50-230 , 50A50-240 , 50A50-241, 50A50-245 Standard, 50A50-285, 50A50-286, 50A50-288 Amana/Goodman, 50A50-295 American Standard/Trane, 50A50-296, 50A50-298, Amana/Goodman, 50A50-405 American Standard/Trane, 50A50-406, 50A50-407 Standard, 50A50-408, American Standard/Trane, 50A50-438 Standard, 50A50-471 American Standard/Trane. 50A50-472 , 50A50-473, 50A50-474 , 50A50-475 Canadian Market, 50A50-571 American Standard/Trane, 50A55-143, Thermo Products/Heil Quaker/ICP/Whirlpool, 50A55-241 Coleman/Evcon/Luxaire/York, 50A55-245, Canadian Market, 50A55-250 Fedders, 50A55-285 White-Rodgers Standard, 50A55-286 , 50A55-288, Amana/Goodman, 50A55-289, 50A55-438 Heil Quaker/ICP/Whirlpool/White-Rodgers Standard, 50A55, 474 American Standard/Trane, 50A55-476, 50A55-480, 50A55-486, 50A55-571, 50A55-843 F, Lennox/White-Rodgers, 50A56-242 Coleman/Evcon/Luxaire/York, 50A56-243, 50A65-120 Lennox, 50A65, 121 , 50A65-143 Thermo Products, 50A65-288 Amana/Goodman, 50A65-289, 50A65-474 American, Standard/Trane, 50A65-475, 50A65-476, 50A65-843 White-Rodgers Standard, 50A66-123 Lennox, 50M56, 289 Amana/Goodman, 50M56-843 50M56U-843 Replacement Kit, 50T35-730 Amana/Goodman, 50T35, 743 American Standard/Trane/624591-x , 624628-0, 6246310, 624631-0 , 624631A, 695-200, 69M0801, 6DT-1 Texas Instruments, 6DT-2, 710128A Nordyne, 8068142 Whirlpool, 8068561, 8068563, 902378, Nordyne. 902696, 903106, 99958174 Whirlpool, 99958175, B18099265 Amana/Goodman, D330927P01, Trane, D330930P01, D330934P01, D340035P01, D340774P01, D341213P01, D341396P01,G951ADB1401 Coleman/Evcon/Lennox/Luxaire/York, G951ADB1401C, G951ADB-1401C,G951ADB1402, G951ADB-1402, G951ADB-1403, G951AEB-1403 Coleman/Evcon/Luxaire/York,HK42FZ004, Bryant/Carrier/, HK42FZ007, Day & Night/Payne, HK42FZ008, HK42FZ009,HK42FZ011 or HK42FZ016, P031-01267-001Coleman/Evcon/Luxaire/York, X4459 Lennox, X445901 Product Details BrandWhite Rodgers ManufacturerEmerson Product TypeControl Board Mpn50M56U-843 Check out my other items. – Powered by

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