Supco Hsi Flame Sensor (Lennox 52W29 Replacement) Fls52W29


SUPCO HSI FLAME SENSOR (LENNOX 52W29 REPLACEMENT) FLS52W29. For Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) systems. Manufacturer :Lennox®. Sensor Length: 2-3/4″. SUPCO FLAME SENSOR FLS52W29 FLS52W29 FLS52W29–FLAME SENSOR 52W29 SUPCO® flame sensors can replace many of the popular sensors in today’s furnaces that use hot surface or direct spark ignition systems. Features/Benefits For Hot Surface Ignition (HSI) systems Mount on multiple burners, or adjacent to igniter Use with spark ignition and flame sensing Alumina ceramic insulator Kanthal flame rod material can withstand 1800°F See Downloads section for additional X-refs Overall Length: 4-7/8″ Sensor Length: 2-3/4″ Base Length: 1-1/2″ Termination: 1/4″ Quick Disconnect Replacement Part:52W29 Part Description: Manufacturer :Lennox® Replacement Part:LB-74940A Part Description: Manufacturer :Lennox® Replacement Part:31L71 Part Description: Manufacturer :Lennox®

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